Bumper Repair in Florissant & O’Fallon, MO

There are endless ways that a bumper can get damaged. From nudging poles to another car backing into yours in the parking lot, bumper impacts are commonplace. If your bumper has been victimized by a strike that has caused noticeable damage, we invite you to Travers Premier Auto Body for the Bumper Repair that you need to make your vehicle look great again. Beyond getting a bumper that looks fantastic, it is essential to discuss the role of the bumper for passenger safety: A defective bumper will not be able to absorb impact forces during a collision like a new bumper with maximum structural integrity. Damaged bumpers are extremely dangerous during a crash because the impact forces that are supposed to get absorbed will get passed to the passengers.

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Does my Bumper Damage Qualify for Repair?

The best way of knowing whether your damaged bumper qualifies for repair or replacement is with an inspection from an expert RV / Camper technician. A dent or ding in the bumper can get repaired, but any damages such as cracks cannot get repaired because the structural integrity cannot be restored. Excessive cracking or other damages that threaten structural integrity will require replacement. Deep scratches that do not limit structural integrity during a collision can get filled with a compound, sanded, and repainted to restore its pre-damaged look.


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What if the bumper hooks get damaged?

If the bumper hooks are damaged or broken, the bumper can fall off entirely. Damaged hooks are the Achilles Heel of your bumper. Repairing the bumper hooks is not an option because of the safety risks. Our expert Auto Body Repair Technicians have vast training and experience inspecting damaged bumpers and then applying the exact repair needed to restore its pre-damaged appearance with maximum structural integrity in place. If your bumper has been damaged and could use a Bumper Repair Service, rest assured that we can get the job done quickly and conveniently at Travers Premier Auto Body. Travers Premier Auto Body has two convenient locations in Florissant, MO & O’Fallon, MO near Bridgeton, Hazelwood, Calverton Park, Ferguson, and St. Charles.