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Finding a service center that will provide adequate and high-quality auto body repairs for your Dodge is essential. The best Dodge body shop will offer the following services to keep your Dodge looking its best, no matter how old it is and what it has been through.

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Dodge Dent Repair

The most common service found at a Dodge auto body shop is dent repair. Depending on how severe the dent is, some can be removed with paintless dent repair services that only take a couple of hours and can have your Dodge ready to go in just a couple of hours. These are for smaller dents caused by rocks and carts hitting your Dodge. Larger dents caused by a collision with another vehicle may need the standard dent repair but make your vehicle’s body look good as new.

Windshield Repair

If your Dodge’s windshield has been damaged, whether it is the front or the rear windshield, you need to get it to an auto body shop as soon as possible for your protection. Even the smallest of cracks can continue, causing the glass to break and could be a danger while driving your Dodge.

Dodge Frame Straightening Services

Has your Dodge recently been in an accident? Maybe the frame needs to be straightened. This is a service provided by Dodge body shops with technicians who are familiar with the body of your vehicle and can make this correction.

Bumper Repair

Many accidents result in small fender benders, where the most damage to your Dodge is on the bumper. We can replace or repair your current bumper at our Dodge collision center, depending on the level of damage, and get you back behind the wheel soon enough.

Storm Damage Repairs

Unfortunately, collision accidents are not the only events that can cause damage to your Dodge. Storm damage is also a common factor, whether it be hail damage, wind damage, flooding, or other natural storm disasters that have made the body of your Dodge damaged. Insurance claims are not always accepted at auto body shops, but we are happy to assist with your insurance claims and get your Dodge looking its best at our Dodge collision center.

Genuine OEM Dodge Parts

When you choose a Dodge collision center for your auto body damage, you can expect high-quality parts recommended by the manufacturer to be used for your Dodge. These parts are meant specifically for your vehicle make and model, restoring it to its original look.

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