Modern Vehicles: Plastic & Fiberglass

Modern vehicles have been designed with an increasing level of fiberglass and plastic. When a collision happens, very often there is damage to fiberglass or plastic that needs to be repaired. Fiberglass and plastic are unique materials that require training and expertise to repair. Depending upon the material and the degree of damage, Travers Premier Auto Body has repair specialists that know exactly what to do to restore your vehicle regardless of its make, model, or year.


Reasons for Fiberglass & Plastic Restoration

There are many reasons why you might need plastic of fiberglass restoration for your vehicle, such as stress, cracks, breaks, or collision damage. Regardless of the reason, Travers Premier Auto Body offers high-quality fiberglass and plastic restoration services for our customers in Florissant, Bridgeton, Hazelwood, Calverton Park, Ferguson, and St. Charles.


Plastic Restoration

Most vehicles are designed with plastic parts that shape the exterior design. If any of your vehicle’s plastic parts need restoration because of cracks, breaks, or smashes from a collision, Travers Premier Auto Body has certified body specialists ready to make your plastic like new again.

Fiberglass Restoration

Fiberglass restoration after a collision is an art form that requires an expert eye, know-how, and training on technologically advanced equipment to complete. Don’t rely on any body shop for this level of service. Fiberglass and plastic restoration is a process that starts with a clean surface so that contaminants will not compromise the new bond. Our certified technician will then grind the area to establish a seamless repair. We then use matte, fiberglass, and resin to restore the area to be just like new. The restoration process gives the damaged area a strong new bond that looks like brand new, making sure that performance and safety are established for the road ahead.

Service Appointment

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Don’t drive your vehicle around with old collision damage like dents, dings, and cracks when your vehicle’s fiberglass and plastic can be restored like new. If you have fiberglass or plastic body damage, schedule an appointment at Travers Premier Auto Body in Florissant to have a certified technician provide you with fiberglass and plastic restoration service to get your vehicle’s body looking like new again.