Hyundai Premier Auto Body Services in Florissant, MO

Chances are good that at some point in your driving life, your Hyundai will experience some form of damage to the body. The most common fix in vehicles these days are auto body repairs.  We’ll look at the different services that a good Hyundai collision center such as Travers Premier Auto Body can provide for drivers in need of repair.

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Dent Repair

Dents can occur from almost any type of trauma to the body, whether it’s a wayward shopping cart slamming into it or an auto accident. The shop determines the size of the dent, how deep the dent is, and the next steps forward. These steps usually require pulling the dent out either by a small suction cup or with a larger machine to gently push the dent back out. Once the dent is removed, some light buffing and paint touch-ups are usually applied to mask any paint removal that happened through the initial trauma which caused the dent.

Bumper Repair

Another casualty of auto accidents is bumpers as they’re usually the first piece of the vehicle to be damaged in an accident. The bumpers end up twisted or broken off due to a hard hit or they’re dented in. Bumpers can be pushed back into shape if the damage is light enough to them, this is achieved with the machine and gentle hydraulic pressure. Bumpers can be completely replaced if the damage is too great for re-shaping them or rehabbing the damage to them.

Frame Straightening

Similar to pushing out dents and bumpers, the frame of your Hyundai can be straightened out in much the same manner. The usual thought when a driver hears the words “bent frame” is to go ahead and junk the vehicle and get a new one, this doesn’t have to be the case at all! Frames can be fixed by chains and hydraulic pressure to gently pull the body into true shape.

Windshield Repair

Rocks can kick up at any time and crack and damage your windshield while you’re driving. Our technicians can repair your windshield’s cracked glass with our compound and make things as good as new! Compound can also strengthen the glass at the point of impact to mitigate the chances of cracks happening in that region again.

Storm Damage Repairs

Thunderstorms can deliver heavy rain and wind and a Hyundai body’s worst nightmare, hail. Hail damage can deliver many tiny dents along the body as well as chipped paint. This is a detailed and tedious fix that can take a few days to complete. 

Hyundai Body Shop

Travers Premier Auto Body is your best option in Florissant, MO if you have a damaged Hyundai and need body repair service. Travers uses nothing but genuine OEM parts and Hyundai-certified body repair techs for the best quality repairs around. Come see Travers today for all of your Hyundai body repair needs.

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