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Body repairs are needed throughout a vehicle’s lifetime, whether because of specific damages the car might receive in an accident or as part of an ongoing maintenance plan. Cars last longer than ever before, and because of that, sometimes have parts that begin to wear out yet are well worth replacing to maintain the safety, performance, and value of the car. Body parts can become damaged over time and need a replacement for cosmetic and general functional reasons.

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Reasons for Visiting Our Kia Body Shop

The most obvious reason for auto body service repairs after an accident, whether a small parking lot accident, a traffic accident at highway speeds or perhaps hitting an unavoidable road hazard. Such things don’t happen often and no driver plans on such problems arising, but the fact is that anyone who drives regularly will experience a mishap at some point in their life. Other reasons involve what happens when cars are left outdoors, whether at home overnight or in a parking lot at work or around town during the day. Paint fades over time, limbs and sticks fall from trees, and regular road debris can cause scratches or minor dings that need repair.

Effects of Ignoring Repairs

The main problem with damage that isn’t repaired is how bad it looks and will have an adverse effect on the vehicle’s resale value. However, there are other reasons to have body damage repaired quickly. It can affect vehicle performance, or there might be further unseen damage behind a dent. Scratches will begin to rust, which like all other maintenance issues a vehicle might have, will only worsen over time. If there are any holes or piercing of the body, they can allow weather to get inside the frame and damage other vehicle systems. Although the body is designed with cosmetics in mind, it serves a practical and structural purpose of protecting the engine, brakes, and other parts of the car. Whatever might damage the body of the car over time would have the same effect on the internal components if the body weren’t there as an outer layer.

Professional Kia Repair in Florissant

Bodywork needs to be conducted by authorized technicians with access to proper body parts and accessories. At Travers Premier Auto Body in Florissant, MO and serving the surrounding areas of St. Charles and St. Louis, our team takes pride in their work and can get your vehicle looking good and in tip-top shape to look great and maintain the value you’ve invested in the car.

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