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Most people consider the need for an auto body shop after an accident as a means to keep their car looking as good as new. When the car is damaged, friends and family request an explanation, and it can be an eyesore parked outside your house or in your garage. A further issue after an accident is crumple zones and safety features can be compromised, meaning they won’t work in the event of another accident causing the car to be less safe than intended. Another reason other people might find a purpose for a body shop is to install aftermarket extras, whether new paint, adding attachments such as spoilers or roof racks, and certainly graphic details can be added to personalize a vehicle.

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Mazda Premier Auto Body Service

The Importance of Auto Body Repairs

Although auto body repairs might seem to be cosmetic in nature, Mazda vehicles are designed with the body in mind for aerodynamics, leading to performance. There are built-in crumple zones designed to absorb impact in an accident rather than transferring the force to the driver and passengers, therefore anytime a Mazda is involved in a traffic accident, even a small fender bender, a certified Mazda technician needs to inspect the vehicle and assure it is still safe to drive. Mazda body panels do more than just look great, it can’t be emphasized enough how important they are to the vehicle’s safety during regular driving. Beyond the vehicle’s safety and performance, another consideration is how well the car will maintain its value when the time comes to resell or trade-in. Proper repairs help maintain that value whereas visible dents and damage can make the car nearly worthless.

What Happens if a Damaged Vehicle Isn’t Repaired

An unfortunate aspect of driving is that accidents do happen, and they never happen at a good time. The worst possible time is when the safety features are already compromised. The safety of the people in the car is the primary concern, but there’s also the matter that more damage on top of existing damage is likely to go beyond what can be reasonably repaired within a budget of what the car is worth, meaning it’s going to be considered a total loss. Insurance may or may not cover such damage, or at best will likely only pay what the car’s appraised value is rather than what it costs to buy a new car to replace it.

Where To Find a Mazda Collision Center in Florissant, MO

Travers Premier Auto Body is the place to go in Florissant, St. Charles, and St. Louis, MO, for bodywork on a Mazda or any other make of vehicle. Our technicians are specialists with extensive training in properly ensuring the repairs are conducted so you can look great and feel safe when you return to the road.

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