Windshield Repair & Replacement in Florissant, MO & O’Fallon, MO

The Windshield on your vehicle is there to protect you from the elements while you drive, but it also needs to be transparent enough for you to see while you’re being protected. New Windshields have perfectly transparent glass that offers maximum visibility and safety. However, we know that glass is a brittle material prone to damages, including cracks, chips, and shattering. Your Windshield will face impacts from pebbles, construction gravel, dirt, and debris that can cause a minor chip or crack damage to the glass. When the glass impact is from something bigger or damaged during a collision, the strike might cause extensive damage that is beyond repair. No matter the degree of damage that your Windshield glass has sustained, no windshield repair job is too big or too small for us at Travers Premier Auto Body. If the Windshield can get repaired, we can get it done quickly and conveniently using a cutting-edge windshield glass repair protocol. However, if the damage is extensive, we will need to replace it with a new windshield that offers maximum visibility and passenger safety.

Windshield Repair & Replacement

Does my Damaged Windshield need Repair or Replacement?

The best way of knowing whether the windshield glass can get repaired or needs to get replaced is with an expert inspection. However, there are a few rules-of-thumb that can help you know where your glass repair is headed. Our highly skilled Windshield Repair Experts know exactly what to look for when a Windshield gets damaged. We can provide your vehicle with Windshield Repair Service if the damage meets the following criteria:

    • The damage, crack, or ship, is fewer than 6 inches
    • There are less than four chipped spots on the glass; 4+ chips require replacement service
    • The crack or chip is not blocking a sensor or camera
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Windshield Damage only Gets Worse

If you’ve ever ignored a glass crack on a windshield for very long, you probably noticed that the crack grew larger over time. When a car, truck, van, or SUV’s Windshield gets damaged, never wait to repair the glass because it will only get worse. If you catch and repair a small crack or chip quickly, you can often prevent a replacement service later. Travers Premier Auto Body has two convenient locations in Florissant, MO & O’Fallon, MO near Bridgeton, Hazelwood, Calverton Park, Ferguson, and St. Charles.